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Southwest GreensAt Southwest Greens, we realize that no one ever installed one of our backyard putting greens solely to benefit the environment.  In the process of bringing the game home to countless golf enthusiasts nationwide, however, that’s exactly what has happened.  More and more we’re learning how environmentally unsound mowing and maintaining natural grass can be.  By installing one of our putting greens made from the finest artificial grass on the market, you’ll not only be drawing attention to an important issue but also doing something about.  Best of all, you’ll be doing something about it while having the time of your life.

Backyard Putting Green

Exactly how can one of our indoor putting greens or outdoor golf greens benefit the surrounding environment?  By virtue of what you won’t have to do to maintain it.  Did you know that using a gas lawnmower for an hour is equal in emissions to gassing up your car and taking off on a 100-mile trip?  Or that while you’re mowing you’re releasing something called hydrocarbons into the air that have a nasty habit of reappearing as smog?  Because there is no mowing involved with synthetic grass all of these issues simply fall by the wayside, as does the issue of wasting water.  No watering means no waste, and in a country where the average household uses some 25 gallons of water per square foot of lawn per year and water conservation is an issue that is a significant savings indeed.

The correlating benefit of all of the environmental good you’ll be doing is that our greens have virtually no maintenance involved.  That means no mowing, no watering, no fertilizing or chemicals, ever.  Your sole responsibility will be to enjoy the convenience of playing the game you love, whenever you please, in the comfort of your own backyard.  The added bonus of environmental soundness is yet another great aspect of your purchase.

More and more of your friends, neighbors, and fellow golf enthusiasts are discovering the many ways they can benefit from the installation of one of our backyard putting greens.  Will you be the next to follow sit?  Bring a sense of convenience to your game, renovation to your backyard, and relief to the environment. At Southwest Greens, we can help on all three counts.

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