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Commercial Landscaping Services Seattle

commercial landscaping

Whether you’re inquiring about landscaping for a school, park, bank, shopping center or any other commercial area, Duane Diede has the experience and professionalism you need for your project. Landscaping for commercial areas can improve the esthetic beauty of your building and make a good impression on customers and clients.

A more attractive building can bring more customers to strip malls and other shopping centers and create a more peaceful setting for a park or day care center. Upgrade the look of your commercial area with custom designed landscaping to fit your space. An attractive landscape is one of the best ways to attract people to your establishment, no matter what your services or products may be.

golf course constructionDiede has extensive experience designing landscaping to fit commercial property specifications, including golf course work. Some of his work includes Everett High School and the New Life Center Church. He can work with architects from the start of the project through the design and installation phases.

If you’re looking for an industry expert to work with on a custom design for retaining walls, irrigation systems, water features, pavers, concrete flatwork or other landscaping needs, then Duane Diede is the right person for the job.

No matter what your commercial space is used for, custom landscaping can transform your area into something spectacular. Contact Duane Diede and MAE Landscaping, Inc., to discuss custom landscaping options for your commercial area today.