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Turf & Grass

Seattle Synthetic Grass and Artificial Turf

artificial grass

Real grass can be hard to maintain, and quite costly to do so. Sometimes, no matter how much you mow, water and fertilize, you just can’t get your grass areas to grow green and healthy. Southwest Greens Seattle has a solution to all of your grass problems: premium artificial turf.

Our artificial grass is made from the finest synthetics to give you highest quality turf for your lawn. Our installation techniques are state-of-the-art and customizable for any area size. Enjoy all of the benefits of fake grass without the fake look!

synthetic turf

Southwest Greens Seattle’s synthetic turf and grass are much easier to maintain than real grass, so you’ll spend less time on yard work and more time doing the things you love to do. Instead of spending all weekend on your lawn, take the boat out for a cruise, spend an extra hour in bed, play with the kids or go on that hiking trip you’ve been planning for weeks.

With our artificial turf, you will save both time and money on lawn maintenance!

Artificial lawns can be installed for commercial applications as well. Build beautiful landscaping for your commercial property and save money on both maintenance and watering costs. Our fake grass stays green all year-round with minimal upkeep. Install our premium synthetic turfs indoors for an office putting green or outdoors to improve the look of your workplace.

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